The KeyWatcher and KeyBank can work as single cabinet system or designed with scalability in mind, each system can consist of multiple add-on cabinets securing thousands of key sets all controlled by a single console. It’s easy to expand as your needs grow. This key management systems are perfect as stand-alone devices or in combination with Morse Watchmans Key-Pro III Software. This software greatly enhances the capabilities of the system.

The illuminated two line by 16-character screen clearly displays messages and user prompts for a variety of different functions, including removal and replacement of keys.

Of course, you still get our fully scalable modular design. The illuminated key storage system makes finding keys a cinch and provides, while using minimal wall space. The random key return comes standard to allow you to return any key set to any slot, eliminating the confusion and worry of misplaced key sets. feature allows you to return any key set to any slot, eliminating the confusion and worry of misplaced key sets. That’s Morse Watchman’s’ outside the box thinking – right inside the box.

The Morse access control and audit tracking key management systems offers tight security and eliminates manual log errors with an indisputable audit trail. Reduces the number of times you might need to re-key from people unintentionally take-home keys and frees up manpower for other important duties!

Removing key sets from the KeyWatcher is as simple as a user entering their User ID and PIN, or as sophisticated as requiring 1 to 3 users to login in using an access card or fingerprint reader. You have peace of mind in knowing that the door does NOT open until an authorized user(s) login in and the user(s) has access to the pre-selected key set(s). Multiple Sets only require a single login for each authorized user. The KeyWatcher automatically records this information in a database to provide you with a complete and indisputable audit key report trail. Unauthorized access can trigger alarms locally and centrally.

KeyWatcher Illuminated has a built-in RS-232 communications port for direct connectivity to printers or other devices, or networked connectivity via Ethernet.

Be sure to check out KeyWatcher Touch, the next generation key storage cabinet that builds on the success of KeyWatcher Illuminated. KeyWatcher Touch offers expanded software functionality and access-control integration, and features a robust and easy-to-use touch screen interface. And like KeyWatcher Illuminated, this electronic key system provides users with the ability to customize key storage cabinets with different modules for keys, access cards, laptops, and handheld devices.
Major Features
  • Common database for all KeyWatcher systems
  • Automatic periodic transaction collection
  • Easier key removal – user select from a list of keys that a user has access to
  • UserID can be the EmployeeID numbe
  • Profiles provide an easy way to assign key and group permissions, access level, and much more to users
  • Enter custom notes and information via on-screen QWERTY keyboard
  • Reports
  • Text/email notifications enable users to create alerts for specific users, keys or events and select who will be alerted
  • Text/email notifications enable users to create alerts for specific users, keys or events and select who will be alerted
  • Integration interface for 3rd party software
  • Rugged, metal keypad and LED display
  • Locking locations for increase security
  • Random key return allows key sets to be returned to any location (non-random key return is optional)
  • Easy to locate any key set with the illuminated key slots
  • Accountability by time, date, and user codes
  • Time zones can be assigned to each individual key and different for each user

Built into a rugged steel cabinet with highly illuminated key slots, the improved design makes it easier to locate keys and maximize wall space. The exterior design of the cabinet has been enhanced to blend in with today’s office environments, while the key management system seamlessly controls and monitors keys.

Built using stainless steel, the cabinet is designed to resist abuse and is wired to alarm against tampering. Yet, the system has limitless configurations – allowing the ability to scale the key management system as needs expand.

Morse Watchmans makes it simple for you, as the KeyWatcher and KeyBank can hold keys of almost any size, including Folger Adams keys. Plus, the systems are capable of incorporating additional lockers for valuable items.

Each key storage system is powered by AC electricity and is supported by a 24-hour battery backup power supply.

  • Each key is individually locked in place.
  • Card access and biometric reader compatible
  • Random key return eliminates pattern checking (non-Random return is optional)
  • Require a “Reason Why” note to be given before removing and/or returning specified key sets, including an optional requirement for a comment
  • “Instant Key Release” for users that have access to one key set or group. (Upon login the system knows if the user has the key set or not. If they don’t it opens the door and gives it to them. If they already have it, the door opens to return it.)
  • Require up to 3 user logins’s each from a different department
  • Medco lock with tamper-proof plate
  • See-through doors (optional)
  • Tampering with the KeyWatcher or Smartkeys triggers an alarm
  • Overdue key alarms configured by time period or duration
  • Numerous alarms types
  • 24-hour battery backup
  • Six Alarm relay contacts for remote notifications
  • Door does NOT open until system determines user(s) authorization to requested key set(s)
Call and ask our knowledgeable sales staff about these high security and automation features
  • Instant Key Release
  • Groups Release
  • Dual/Triple User Access
  • Departmental Access requirement
  • Secure Key Return
  • Reason Why for key removal and/or retur

Medco lock with tamper-proof plate
KeyBank Illuminated
Budget friendly and limited security…

The KeyWatcher and KeyBank systems are identical with exception to one feature. The KeyWatcher has locking locations. The KeyBank has non-locking locations, and therefore is less secure and available for a substantial lessor price. With the KeyWatcher, when the door is open, only the key set(s) that were requested and determined authorized can be removed. All other sets are locked in place. With the KeyBank system none of the key sets are locked in place. Therefore, even users that are not supposed to have access to a key set can still remove it. However, a record of authorized and unauthorized key set removals will be created.