Overview & Warranty

We only support customers that reside in Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Morse Watchmans, Inc. (MWI) warrants each KeyWatcher system for 2 years after the date of shipment to the original purchaser. Subject to terms and conditions. Click here for warranty document.

Following the initial two years, you can extend your coverage through Genesis Resource. For more details, please see Service Contract Information.pdf or contact us by phone (480-497-2500) or email (sales@genesisresource.com) with any questions.

We understand that throughout the life of the system your KeyWatcher administrators may come and go. This is why we offer free support during normal business hours as well as ongoing training over the phone, in an effort to encourage our customers to call in regularly. We love to hear from you...call as often as you like!

Genesis Complimentary Support Services that are included with your initial purchase:

  • Free phone support during normal business hours for the life of your system
  • Email support
  • Quick response time
  • Remote Desktop
  • Free ongoing training over the phone for the life of the system
  • Free emergency after hours phone support for the first two years
  • Two years parts only replacement warranty

Genesis Emergency After Hours Phone Support:

I think most people would agree, that in a 24/7 operation, even if you only have to call in once, that this service would pay for itself. One comment we hear a lot is how cheap the service is this. This is simply because we don’t anticipate you needing to call for help after hours that often.

This service only applies to emergencies such as no one can get keys out. It doesn’t apply to:

  • Alarms
  • Key permissions access issue
  • “How do I do this…” questions

Genesis offerings after the first two years:

While you are not required to purchase phone support or parts warranties for the hardware and software to continue working, we do offer these optional services. Please call for information and pricing.

  • Emergency After Hours Phone Support
  • Extended parts only warranty available after initial two years is the lowest priced in the industry!
  • Extended warranty, maintenance or support contracts are OPTIONAL, and therefore they are NOT required for your KeyWatcher or software systems to continue operating without restrictions.
Emergency After Hours Phone Support Call Back Requirements:

You must be located in either Arizona, Nevada or New Mexico. The only exception is if you are one of the few Genesis Resource customers in other states.

Your afterhours support agreement must be active.

This is an emergency, meaning your system is completely down where no one can get keys.

Include the name of your property, where your system is located, your name and phone number.

Provide a detailed explanation of your issue.