!! The Most Complete Casino Cage Sensitive Key Package Available !!

Number one choice of major casino’s worldwide!

Comprehensive • Intuitive • Flexible

  • A single login for each user when removing one or multiple sensitive key sets

  • Remove multiple key sets with a single set of logins

  • Group Release: Allows your count team to request and release all key sets in a group at the same time.

  • Remove key sets by scrollable list of names or multiple sets with exclusive Group removal

  • Dual/Triple user key set access can now be set for Removal AND/OR Return

  • Configure a key set to either require different departments or no departmental requirement

  • Control how key sets are returned using exclusive “Secure Key Return” multi option feature

  • Key set lockout (Group Interlock): If a user has key set “A” out, then user can’t remove key set “B”

  • Fingerprint reader on KeyWatcher cabinet and card reader on remote touch screen for logins

  • Fingerprint access with no UserID required

  • Full Compliance for ER Unscheduled Drops
    • List of "Reason Why Key Removal" Notes at cabinet
    • Sub Comments for each Reason Why so machine numbers can be entered
    • Previous days ER drops report auto emailed

  • Beautifully formatted reports, with intuitive and descriptive transactions for easier auditing

  • Scheduled emailed reports targeted at specific types of user and key transactions such as System Admin database modifications, key activity, alarms, etc.

Dependable • Secure • Compliant

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