Before you compare key rings, think about what happens when you need to replace a key.

Tamper-Proof Key Rings

Only Morse Watchmans manufactures Key Rings® that incorporate ease-of-use, a tamper-proof locking mechanism and unique identification system while offering you the flexibility to add or remove keys without destroying the expensive key ring.

With other key rings, you would have to cut through the stainless steel and replace the entire ring. Morse Watchmans' Replaceable Hub Technology allows you to re-use the key ring and replace the hub at a fraction of the cost. Simple to use and easy to re-use, yet adds security and value. Each hub is stamped with a unique serial number to help detect and prevent tampering.

KR15-15 1 1/2" X 1 1/2" Diameter Ring
KR15-20 1 1/2" X 2" Diameter Ring
KR20-25 2" X 2 1/2" Diameter Ring
KR35-00 3 1/2" Diameter Ring

Our Key-Rings are the simplest way to ensure peace of mind with great features such as:

  • Re-useable 5/32" stainless steel rings
  • Available in various diameters
  • A smart-switch solution that replaces your old welded and crimped rings

Pick your desired color of tamper proof hubs and key ring size.

Have it your way! The plastic hubs are available in any quantity of any color!

Replaceable HUB Technology

Your cost-effective secure key ring solution. It's the only key ring on the market that easily allows you to reuse your key ring without cutting it apart. Just attach a new HUB and click it.

A close and lock system activated with just the power of your hand. These re-useable Key-Rings are an easy and economical choice for security professionals.
Red KH-01
Yellow KH-02
Blue KH-03
Green KH-04
Black KH-05
Brown KH-06
White KH-07


Replacable HUB Technology

  • Incorporates the cost-saving Replaceable Hub Technology
  • Serialized hubs to identify rings and prevent substitution
  • Hubs can be replaced, allowing Key-Rings to be reusable
  • Hubs come in 7 different colors for security and departmental coding purposes

Locking Cable Key Rings

  • Standard size: 4 1/2" length
  • Nylon coated cable
  • Must be crimped for tamper-proof seal
  • Strong, flexible, corrosion-resistant aircraft cable key ring with nickel-plated brass end attachments
  • Use as key ring for keys with small openings or plastic key cards
  • Requires use of a pair of Dykes to seal
Item Number Color
80800 Assorted
80810 Clear
80820 Black
80830 Blue
80870 Red