Smart Keys – Secure. Functional. Intelligence

All KeyWatcher and KeyBank models utilize the same patented SmartKey technology. SmartKeys help to make the KeyWatcher and KeyBank systems easy-to-use key control systems. Keys are secured to a SmartKey via a locking steel ring. Identification chips provide additional security and functionality for the key management systems. When a Smart Key is inserted into a key slot within a KeyWatcher or KeyBank cabinet, the chip data is read and then recorded after a key is properly accessed or returned. Users can only access keys from the cabinets with a proper User login, as designated by the system administrator. Users can be restricted to only have access to keys in which they are allowed.

SmartKeys are available in several different colors (black, brown, white, grey, red, yellow, blue, and green). This allows for keys to be organized by color, which can be useful when utilizing several KeyWatcher/KeyBank systems in a facility or designating one group of SmartKeys from another within the system.

SmartKeys work great when used with the tamperproof key rings system as well. Using key rings with replaceable hub technology allows for a SmartKey to securely hold larger rings of keys, or larger keys like Folger Adam keys.

The Random Key Return feature allows users to return keys to any open location of the cabinet and the system will remember the new location for that key. This process avoids the confusion and error of misplacement of keys upon return -- a real time saver and convenience to each user